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Single seat hall tree

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were snuggling up under blankets on the sofa, and now we are getting the garden furniture out.

There wasn't a single vacant seat in the hall. Es war kein einziger Wissenschaftler von Rang und Namen dort. There wasn't a single scientist worth mentioning in the room.

But outdoor living is also inspiring the development of new furniture concepts beyond the garden. Trend scouts at imm cologne met forward-thinking manufacturers who presented classic furniture in fresh colours and weatherproof materials for the season when everything moves outside.

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But the positive mood in Cologne certainly does not depend on good weather. It has become an integral part of LivingKitchen to enjoy the experience with good food and performances by international chefs.

As a result, an entire industry and the public, too, are waiting for their next chance to see the latest trends from the world of kitchens, which will be presented in Cologne in But if one word sums up the Cologne event in recent years, it is "inspiration": the emerging trends and conceptual developments showcased here have a palpable influence on the design market across the world.

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Take a look at our e-magazine visions leute kennenlernen recklinghausen discover design and product trends, new hues, innovative concepts and attractive interior design — coming soon to Cologne, if they are not here already.

Everywhere in the halls, sofas and armchairs could be seen, where one just wanted to immediately snuggle up.

Tree single seat hall

And so could stands which had been decorated with loving attention to detail and which invited you to stay and linger awhile.

This trend was also evident in an increased presence of mid-century-style retro chic with its velvety and decorative fabrics and — often single seat hall tree — use of solid wood. On the other hand, however, the urbanisation trend also spread.

Furniture is becoming smaller, lighter, in fact almost floating. It is easy to transport and cuts a fine figure in every living environment, regardless of where the owner is drawn to.

Take a peek inside...

A free choice of colour is as standard as are multifunctionality and made-to-measure products. This desire for cosiness is addressed by small, harmoniously appointed accessories and the storage options provided for them.

Premieres Premieres at imm cologne imm cologne is raising the bar again — with even more new products and concepts to fall in love with, buy and sell New ways of living for began at the first trade fair event of the year with velvety sofas, multifunctional and, above all, customisable products.

Year on year, the international interior design trade fair, imm cologne showcases the innovations and creativity of the furniture industry. With a packed charge of new collections, materials and technical refinements, the industry ignited a veritable firework display of new products and concepts. Re-Editions Comeback of the good old times The trend towards re-releasing classics has become a well-established one within the furniture sector.

Single seat hall tree

It is therefore not really surprising that several new editions were presented at imm cologne Lightness Interior Design Trend: The New Lightness Just when you thought that single seat hall tree modern apartment could manage anymore without a loft-like living room, in order to make room for these oversized sofas with their seat depth proportioned for giants, a new trend is already becoming evident.

Sofas with an almost delicate design and dimensions that stand light on their feet next to cocktail-like armchairs and little tables appearing in groups, with a tinge of lamps above them dispersing flecks of light over the group landscape as if blown there by the wind.

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Of course, more spare living environments can also be furnished with decorative elements to make for a homely space. The current trend towards the decorative, however, applies to entire living concepts, extends to sofas with cushions and side tables, shelving units and console tables with decorative accessories, makes for baskets scattered across overlapping rugs, and takes possession of entire walls.

Fresh ideas keep surprising with unconventional product concepts and individual charm.

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The seat itself can be separated from the back rest. The decision to interrupt the direct connection between the seat and the back rest creates the opportunity to experiment with single seat hall tree dynamic sitting positions, for instance by simply moving the lower back slightly. This compact table for 4 people can be transformed into a functional home office, simply by turning down one half of the table top.

12 IKEA hacks for small entryways

The folded-up area turns into a storage shelf for a Tablet PC or book. At the same time, storage space for office equipment is created mitarbeiter besser kennenlernen multiple plug sockets and battery chargers can be stored without creating a mess of cables. The varying sizes of the different shades allow effective accents to be set.

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Geometric shapes, angular or rounded, as well as distinctive and minimalistic configurations provide for an even lighting of the room, as well as the placement of structured and atmospheric light accents. The use of acrylic glass disguises the actual light source and also disperses the light. With its 12 branches arranged at various heights and depths, it creates a harmonious as well as functional geometry.

Whether viewed as a useful sculpture or as a clothes stand doubling as single seat hall tree work of art, this tree brings nature and ease into every room.

Hallway bench

Hotel In the bid to win over the favours of the guests, in addition to good service, today's hotels have to offer their own unique design signature - an exceptional interior design or high-quality architecture.

Recent studies indicate that intelligently designed hotels can bring economic advantages.

single seat hall tree

A special touch is enticing, turns the stay into an experience and the hotel itself into a travel destination.