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Hammer single stack

Hammer single stack machine translation is not perfect.

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In this case it produced an error. German is a V2-language, wich means: Verb hammer single stack position 2. Everything else can float almost freely through the sentence, which means, that there is no need to put the subject on position 1. Almost any part of speech can stand on position 1, and the subject can stand almost everywhere in the sentence.

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Not everything is allowed, there are rules for this too, but they are tricky. Another big difference between German and Englisch: German has four grammatical cases, and grammatical functions within a sentence are not defined by positions like in Englishbut by those cases.

Example 1 Mein Vater hat unserem Nachbarn den alten Rasenmäher geliehen.

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If no other part of speech is in nominative case too, this must be the subject. The finite part of it the part, that has to be declined according to the subjectstands at position 2, and the infinite part which is not declined by number and grammatical person stands on the last position.

Ab wann fängt der kollegin noch ein breites thema, wenn ich flirte?

You have to ask in German. The subject always appears in nominative case, and if there is only one part of speech in this case, then you already have found the subject. You can rearrange those parts of speech in almost any order.

hammer single stack

Just keep the grammatical cases as they are, keep the finite part of the verb at position 2 and the infinite part at the end.

You will get a lot of different sentences, that all translate into the same English sentence, but this doesn't mean, that they mean exactly the same.

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The differences hammer single stack meaning are very subtile, and English has no grammatical tools to express those subtile differences: Mein Vater hat unserem Nachbarn den alten Rasenmäher geliehen. Mein Vater hat den alten Rasenmäher unserem Nachbarn geliehen.

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Unserem Nachbarn hat mein Vater den alten Rasenmäher geliehen. Den alten Rasenmäher hat mein Vater unserem Nachbarn geliehen.

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The subject can not stand behind the dative or accusative object, but it is difficult to explain why. I described it in another answer.

Das Horn Helm Hammerhands soll erschallen in der Klamm. Ein allerletztes Mal. The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the Deep one last time.