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In countries like Burma and China, child labour is known to be a serious problem; however, government restrictions make it virtually impossible to obtain reliable figures.

Bangladesh Official figures reckon there are 5. Many are found in the garment industry, an important source of exports. They are also employed in bakeries, catering and hotels, transport, bidi cigarette factories, small engineering workshops, construction, fish processessing and other informal and unregulated sectors.


The garment sector The actual size of the Bangladesh garment sector is not clear. There are official figures but these do not take into account the growing subcontracting sector which goes unnoticed and unregulated.

Most of them are girls between the ages of ten and Payments to child workers are kept secret Working conditions are subnormal. Workspaces are cramped.

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Ventilation and lighting are bad. Child workers When pressed, they complained of eye strain and threats from their graze single boxes that they might lose their jobs.

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Parents are often obliged by their poverty to get their children to work in the same factory so that they contribute to the family's slender income while being under some parental supervision. The garment factories are located in multi storied buildings throughout Dhaka. Factory gates are often locked by guards who hold the keys.

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Sometimes there is no one around who is able to open the gate which is often the only graze single boxes and exit to the factory. The workers, including the children, are frequently locked in at the beginning of the shift and not let out again until the end of the working day, or even until the next day.

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Children and adults typically work a 10 to hour day. Supervisors regularly punish "misbehaviour," such as talking, by docking a day's pay.

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The children are paid less than adults, and frequently not at all while being trained - so-called "apprentices. Large numbers are employed by subcontractors whose wages are lower than those of contractors.

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One child was only five years old. The childworkers are placed around heaps of stones where they have to break sq.

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Subcontracts last a week as a minimum and workers earn about 40 taka a day. With that money they have to buy essential equipment: a hammer costing about taka ; an umbrella as a shield from the sun ; a watercan for drinking water ; and rubber gloves to protect their hands.

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