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Single period valuation method

How To Use Dividend Valuation Methods To Value A Stock

MA Introduction to Probability Theory, MA Probability Theory Angestrebte Lernergebnisse After successful completion of the module the students are able to understand the fundamentals of mathematical finance in discrete time and will be able to evaluate financial derivatives in single- and multi-period financial markets.

Moreover, students are able to implement different numerical methods and pricing formulas. Lehr- und Lernmethode The module consists of the lecture supplemented by an exercise session.

single period valuation method

The lecture material is presented with slide presentations and mathematical proofs are presented on the blackboard. The students are encouraged to study course references and course subjects.

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The exercise session consists of theoretical and computer-oriented exercises. In the theoretical exercises students will work under instructor assistance on assignments, sometimes in teamwork. In computer-oriented exercises students simulate price processes of financial assets and determine the value of different derivatives.

single period valuation method

The exercises contribute to a better understanding of the lecture materials. Shreve, S. Springer Finance, Bingham und R.

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