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Many sulfide-oxidizing bacteria produce and store large amounts of sulfur intra- or extracellularly.


Here we analyzed the speciation of sulfur in single cells of living sulfide-oxidizing bacteria via Raman spectroscopy. Most Beggiatoa spp.

Our results suggest that the ratio of produced sulfur and sulfate varies depending on the sulfide flux. With Raman spectroscopy we could show that sulfate accumulated in Beggiatoa filaments, reaching intracellular concentrations of 0.

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Since then, taxonomically diverse microorganisms have been reported to store zero-valent sulfur either intracellularly e. Internal sulfur, which is contained within invaginations of the periplasm, is often surrounded by a protein envelope thought to be purely structural in function 34. External sulfur globules are not enclosed in a membrane; rather, they feature a hydrophilic surface of, e.

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It has been noted that biological sulfur is singles schwedt by a lower density and different crystalline structure than orthorhombic sulfur 78. Singles schwedt, our understanding of the chemical nature of stored sulfur is still limited by conventional methods of extraction and analysis that can düsseldorf altstadt flirten artificial changes in the chemistry of biogenic sulfur compounds.

In transmission electron micrographs, for example, the presence of sulfur in cells must be inferred from empty vesicles resulting from the dissolution of sulfur in ethanol during the dehydration step in resin embedding see, e.

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Only recently has the novel application of spectroscopic methods singles schwedt biological samples indicated that the chemical species of stored sulfur may differ across groups of ecologically and physiologically distinct bacteria see, e. This has implications for the metabolism of stored sulfur, as enzyme-S0 interactions may be highly specific for the sulfur species utilized.

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Sulfur atoms readily catenate to form linear or cyclic molecules and can form bonds with both organic and inorganic end groups. The resulting sulfur compounds are often extremely pH and redox sensitive and thus difficult to measure. The solubilities of singles schwedt S0 species in water are very different, ranging from the nearly insoluble S8 rings to extremely singles schwedt inorganic polysulfides. singles schwedt

  • Polysulfides as Intermediates in the Oxidation of Sulfide to Sulfate by Beggiatoa spp.
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Sulfur-oxidizing and sulfur-reducing bacteria growing on solid sulfur preferentially take up the charged and soluble fraction, leaving behind the insoluble rings 15— In Beggiatoa spp. It is not yet understood how extracellularly and periplasmically stored S8 rings are accessed by the Dsr system, as this implies transmembrane transport.

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It has been hypothesized that cyclooctasulfur is either reduced to H2S or taken up via an unknown persulfide R—S—SH carrier molecule across the cytoplasmic membrane Furthermore, enzyme active sites probably do not accommodate large molecules of cyclooctasulfur, and recent studies indicate that at least the archaeal sulfur oxygenase reductase from Acidianus ambivalens contains an elongated active-site pocket which can accommodate only linear polysulfides of up to 8 atoms in length